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Fight the DadBod: 9 Week Strength Program

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One of the biggest challenges with being an Epic Dad is time... 

You simply don't have enough time in the day to sit down and think about designing a workout routine for yourself. 

And you don't want to dole out hundreds of dollars a month for a trainer... 

Enter the Fight the DadBod Program. 

The Fight The DadBod 9-Week Strength Program is designed to give you EVERY single rep and movement you need on a daily basis to start getting results. 

You'll get: 

  • - 63 total days of every movement planned for you which means less time googling exercises at the gym and more time with your kids 
  • - Exercises specifically designed to help fight that DadBod so you can finally start looking the way you want to 
  • - Explanations and how-to videos for every movement so you never have to second guess if you're doing it right which means faster results 
  • - Weekly motivational check-ins from me to keep you on track so you WON'T QUIT
  • - Access to ask me any questions that you have along the way about the program so you are never on your own... which means you've got someone invested in your success

If you're ready to start fighting the dreaded DadBod - let's get it. 

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