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TEDCO Pre Workout v2

  • TEDCO PRE v2 is the ultimate natural pre workout designed for high performing Dads. Made with 100% all natural ingredients, full label transparency, and zero proprietary blends, it's exactly what you need, and nothing that you don't We believe that you should know what's going into your body, and what's going into your body should be good - unlike most pre workouts.

    PRE v2 is stacked with 30 servings (yes a full 30 - unlike our peers who give you 20 per tub) and over 20 grams of real ingredients per serving, including 5G of creatine, 6G of citrulline, and 6G of BCAA's - all designed to help you increase focus and performance, as well as recover post workout.

    PRE v2 has been updated to include 3.2G of beta-alanine, has improved consistency, flavor, and natural coloring. Gram per Gram, TEDCO PRE v2 is the best all natural pre workout in the industry, hands down.

    Chug it down, get to work, lose that dadbod, and build that father figure.

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