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TEDCO Planner Day 1 - Outcomes

Welcome to the first video of your 90 Day Goal Planner.

What would happen if you hopped in the car and decided to drive across country with no map?

Could you get there? Probably - but it would be a lot easier with a map. 

During this video, we'll focus on how to set your "Outcome Goals"; your long term vision, or your map, for each of the Elite 4 Categories. 

These outcome goals will become your "North Star". Even if you get off the rails and have a bad day, you can always come back to aligning on your outcome goals. 


In this video you'll learn: 

1) The 4 Categories of the Elite 4 Framework (Body, Relationships, Mind, Financials) 

2) How to Set Effective Long Term Goals - or Outcome Goals