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Welcome to the Epic Dad Crew Reset Challenge. 
You've got 7 Days ahead of you - here's how this works:
1) Join the Epic Dad Crew Facebook Group
2) Once you are approved, copy and paste the following introduction filling in the blanks:
"My name is XXX and I just signed up for the 7 Day Challenge. I have XXX number of kids. I joined this challenge because XXX. Let's f'ing do this."
3) Go to your inbox and look for an email from drew@theepicdad.com with the subject line "[EDC] Buckle Up Butter Cup" 
4) You'll receive an email from us every day at 9:00M EST for the next 7 days. Each one will have a [EDC] in the subject line so they are easy to spot.
5) Read the email and follow the instructions - it's that simple
6) After you finish the daily challenge, post what # day you are on and your thoughts to the FB group every day - this is a REQUIREMENT to complete the challenge, so don't shit the bed and forget
7) When you are done, you are officially part of the Epic Dad Crew 
8) Take part in all the great discussion, programming, and sweet deals as part of THE EPIC DAD CREW